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Consideracions rellevants of Master's Degree

Master's Degree in Criminal Guarantees and Socioeconomic Offenses ¿what yo should know about him?

Students interested in continuing their studies in this area should take into account some aspects:

1. This Master is recognized by the Universitat de València and has a programmed and updated curriculum. You should also be interested in the topicality of your subjects, the quality of your facilities and of your teachers, and the accreditation and evaluation processes to which you have been subjected.

2. This curriculum has practical and theoretical subjects and practices in institutions of reference. This is the case of practices in leading law firms that will be held throughout a semester. These contents are oriented to offer a specialized training allowing also a teacher training that allows direct access to the Doctoral Thesis.

3. Check who teaches the classes and which entities collaborate in the curriculum. This Master has professors of recognized prestige in the field, these studies can be much more beneficial and can open the doors to us to the labor world, either by the obtained knowledge or by the accomplishment of practices.

4. Tutorial assistance: it is vital that your doubts are heard and that you have the support of the teachers during the year that you take the Master. Having access to good tutorial assistance can be a great help and will undoubtedly make your studies much easier.

5 Collaboration of the curriculum with seminars, practical activities, collaborations, conferences and related congresses. That within the subjects the complementary training activities are promoted, which is a great way to specialize and to know the most practical aspects of the subject.

6. Possibility of continuing with a PhD. If the curriculum of the Master is aimed at continuing the teaching research you can continue training through a Doctorate in Criminal Guarantees, a path that you should not rule out in order to reach the top of the profession.

The Universitat de València knows that when we talk about Criminal Guarantees and Socioeconomic Offenses, we are talking about a booming activity, with great demand and a very specialized professional field that demands a demanding preparation and an adequate formation to face the current panorama in which Is moving the legality that develops in a changing socio-economic environment that demands professionals with a specific training, so the Master in Criminal Guarantees and Socioeconomic Crimes of the University of Valencia has each and every one of these aspects.