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The aim of this Master is to provide a highly specialised training in criminal matters, substantive and procedural, and particularly in socio-economic crimes.  It is composed by a total of 60 credits, 39 common subjects and 11 elective subjects, apart from 10 credits corresponding to the master’s degree final project. As mentioned in the teaching guide, this master has two different itineraries, a methodological orientation and a professional orientation. The first one has a research focus and it allows the doctoral thesis implementation without any other formative complement. The second, of a professional manner, includes a 9 credits internship, as well as a recognition chart up to 21 credits for those coming from the Master’s Degree in Law Practice. The content of all the subjects can be found at PROGRAMME. In order to guarantee a double training, theoretical and practical aspects and also to ensure the teaching quality assessment, this Master’s degree has a qualified TEACHING STAFF, formed by specialists in this field, attorneys, magistrates and prosecutors. Some of them are working for the highest legal levels such as Supreme Court and Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. 

Objectives: the Master”s Degree in Criminal Safeguards and Socio-Economic Crimes is focused on giving the students a highly specialized training in criminal matters, mainly in the economic crime field, providing them the necessary competences and abilities, both for developing a researcher activity in this field and also for working as a professional.