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Description of the doctorate

The Doctoral Programme in Ethics and Democracy organised by the Universitat de València has a high quality curriculum, which meets the needs of the current society in matters of Ethics and Political Philosophy, allowing a research work on these issues.

The main thematic lines are the following:

  • Ethics and Political Philosophy
  • Classics of Ethics and Political Philosophy
  • Theories of Citizenship and Democracy
  • Ethical-Civic Education
  • Bioethics and Biopolitics
  • Business and Economy Ethics
  • Human Development Ethics
  • Media Ethics and Infoethics
  • Ethics, Science and Technology
  • Critical Hermeneutic
  • Neuroethics and Neuropolitics
  • Democratic Politics and Civil Society
  • Justice and Globalisation Theories

The doctoral students' training can be complemented by participation in research projects and/or groups, congresses, symposia, seminars and other events, as well as by the publication and dissemination of their research.