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The Master’s Degree in Ethics and Democracy introduces the student to the interdisciplinary training in the fields of ethics and political philosophy. Specially, it offers advanced knowledge on business ethics and democracy theory. This master’s degree is linked to the interuniversity doctoral programme in Ethics and Democracy, from which a leading research in ethics, political philosophy and applied ethics is being developed since 1998. The pioneering research in the field of applied ethics and political philosophy has allowed this master’s degree to be recognised since 2003 as an R&D&I Group of Excellence of the Valencian Government, where it has until 2014 a Prometheus-excellence programme of research groups.


Subjects Character ECTS credits
Universitat Jaume I    
Critical Theory and Habermas: ethics, politics and economics OP 5
Feminist political theory OP 5
Business ethics: communication and civil society OP 5
CSR in ethical perspective OP 5
Ethics, Politics and Religion OP 5


Subjects Character ECTS credits
Universitat de València    
Citizenship and Democracy Theories OP 5
Critical Hermeneutics: from Nietzsche to Ortega y Gasset OP 5
Ethics, Rhetoric and Politics OP 5
Education for an active citizenship OP 5
Education and media OP 5
Ecological ethics OP 5
Sciences in the contemporary world from an ethical perspective OP 5
Bioethics and biopolitics OP 5
Cosmopolitan citizenship and human development OP 5
Raison d'état and democracy OP 5