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Master's Degree Goals

The main objective of this course is the training and interdisciplinary education in the areas of Ethics and Political Philosophy. It offers advanced knowledge on Business Ethics and Democracy Theory.

The specific objectives are the following:

  1. Updated first-rate training on moral philosophy, politics and applied ethics (business ethics, civic ethics, ethics and science, ethics and democracy).
  2. Advanced knowledge in academic and research terms open to the present both in moral, politics philosophy and applied ethics.
  3. Development of a critic and analytic training that make it possible for the student to face the present studies, subjects and problems in today’s societies.
  4. Training to suggest and enter innovative dynamics both in professional areas and social, politic and economic institutions.
  5. Training to make the students able to apply or suggest new creative approaches taking note of the ethics perspective which is inherent when it comes to any human praxis.
  6. Initiation to scientific and applied research within the moral, political philosophy subject and the applied ethics areas.