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#santander 31. The Spanish digital reality

  • July 24th, 2017
#santander 31. The Spanish digital reality

The digital transformation of Spain is already a reality of global reach in a large number of industrial and business sectors, assuming an unquestionable traction capacity for the whole of the Spanish economy and society. Likewise, the impulse of administrations and cities to satisfy with better and more efficient solutions the needs and desires of citizens is evident. In short, digital transformation focused on customers and citizens is the challenge we face in global economy.

Companies and sectors, in different degrees of evolution in their processes of digital transformation, along with technological enablers, will be the main protagonists of #santander31. An event that will address the short, medium and long term technological panorama and also the satisfaction of consumers, customers and citizens, as well as their current and future demands, which will form the new business opportunities for the Spanish digital sector represented by AMETIC.