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Dr. Ricard Martínez Martínez

  • November 16th, 2022

Director of the Privacy and Digital Transformation Microsoft-Universitat de València chair and Profesor Contratado Doctor in the Faculty of Law at Univesitat de València.

Ricard Martínez Martínez is Ph.D. in Law from the Universitat de València, he has focused his research on the study of the fundamental right to data protection and to different issues related to the impact of information and communication technologies on privacy. He currently works at the Universitat de València as Full-time Lecturer (Ph.D.) in the Department of Constitutional Law, Political Sciences and Administration. Member of the Healthcare Data Innovation Council.

Within the framework of his transfer and public service activities, he has successively been part of the Working Group on Citizens’ Digital Rights of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda and of the Working Group on Digital Rights of the Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence. In this second group, he was one of the five rapporteurs of the Digital Rights Charter.

He currently focuses his research on studying the conditions for the generation of massive data repositories for research purposes, particularly in the field of health, and on regulatory compliance in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He has participated or participates in Research Projects such as BigMedilytics, WellBased or Chaimeleon.  The result of his basic research in this field transferred to the Playbook and HealthData 29 project of Fundación 29 deserved the Proactivity and Good Practices Award of the Spanish Data Protection Agency in 2021.

Former database control technician at the Universitat de València. President of the Spanish Professional Privacy Association. He has collaborated with different universities as a lecturer in undergraduate and postgraduate studies and has been responsible for the Studies Area of the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

He is the author of various monographs on this subject, “Tecnologías de la Información, Policía y Constitución”, “Una aproximación crítica a la autodeterminación informativa”, and has participated as author or coordinator in different commentaries on the Regulation for the Development of the Organic Law on Data Protection, and monographs on Law and social media or Cloud Computing as well as other publications. Member of the FIDE’s Academic Council and co-director of its Data Protection Forum.


Ricard Martínez Martínez
Dr. Ricard Martínez Martínez