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Entities sponsoring

Universitat de València

The mission of Universitat de València is to train competent professionals in the European field and to promote prestigious research with international impact that contributes to the development of our society. Training and research also promote the tasks it carries out in the field of dissemination of science and culture and in the reaffirmation of the democratic values of society in general, and Valencian society in particular.

Institutional and Business Chair of Universitat de València were created in 1993 as tools to direct the University’s long-term collaborations with entities, institutions, companies, organisations and, when appropriate, even individuals. By definition, the University’s Chairs enable stable and wide-ranging academic collaboration to be achieved, covering one or more areas of knowledge and extending their activities to all areas of university activity: teaching, research, innovation and the dissemination of science, technology and culture.

City Council of Valencia

The City Council of Valencia and Universitat de València, through the Chair Sustainable Economic Model of Valencia and its Surroundings, has interest in promoting, developing and intensifying relations between Universitat de València and the City Council of Valencia for the monitoring and transformation of the economic model within the framework of the city, considering the diversity of its economic and social agents and under the prism of governance, innovation, sustainability (economic, social and environmental), competitiveness, human welfare and globalisation.