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The MESVAL Chair seeks to promote, develop and intensify the relationships between the Universitat de València and the Valencia City Council for the monitoring and transformation of the economic model within the city framework by taking into account the diversity of its economic and social agents under the prism of —economic, social and environmental— governance, innovation and sustainability, human wellbeing and globalisation.
Moreover, the MESVAL Chair aims at being a platform for dialogue between the city and its economic, social, cultural and technological environment from an interdisciplinary approach. In this regard, this Chair’s goal is to establish itself as a strategic city agent in the joint reflexion about ways of thinking and building a city-developmental economic model.
According to the MESVAL Chair, the transfer of university-generated knowledge to the environment and city agents via research, dissemination and publication activities is a key factor.

Director: Jose Manuel Pastor


The MESVAL Chair develops its own research plan with an approach centred on widening the sustainable economic model knowledge within the activity framework approved by the Mixed Committee.

They’re potential actions in the MESVAL Chair’s research field.

  • Developing joint research lines.
  • Carrying out research papers.
  • Developing doctoral theses.
  • Promoting national and international meetings with experts on the issue.
  • Research projects cooperation.

Dissemination and transfer

The MESVAL Chair regularly organizes events and publications addressing topics of interest to students, professionals, businesspeople, institutions and general citizens interested in the sustainable economic model for city development. Said events and publications always have a practical and professional orientation based on thorough scientific knowledge.

They’re potential actions in the MESVAL Chair’s dissemination and transfer field:

  • Developing Research Results Transfer Works.
  • Organising technical and technological dissemination conferences on innovative issues.
  • Publication editing.
  • Collaboration in promoting technical and scientific meetings.
  • Communication actions in various formats.
  • Creating publications on interest issues related to the MESVAL Chair’s content.


The MESVAL Chair present the challenges of the Valencian transformation of the economic model to students, professionals, businesspeople, institutions and general citizens in order to make them conscious, share knowledge and contribute to the search of solutions to immediate challenges.

They’re potential actions in the MESVAL Chair’s training field:

  • Awards for undergraduate and master’s degree final projects.
  • Conferences/workshops/training courses on the city sustainable economic model.
  • Encouraging training cooperation.

Every year, the Chair’s Mixed Committee will pass all actions to be included that are developed based on the signed Agreement.