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Quality Policy

The Quality Politics of UVdisability is based on the following principles:ISO 9001 - SGS System Certification

  • Customer focus:
    • To pay atention and to satisfy the needs of users (PDI,PAS and students of the UV), fulfilling the requirements established in the regulations and current conditions, as well as endeavoring to overcome their expectations
  • Leadership:
    • To supervise the correct implementation of information, counseling and support activities, focussing on the objectives and identified needs.
  • People Commitment:
    • To have trained, competent and committed people.
  • Process focus:
    • To manage processes and their interrelations as a coherent system to get the quality objectives in an effective and efficient way.
    • To guarantee a correct organization and communication of the activities offered, through the new technologies of information.
  • Improvement:
    • To commit to continuous improvement.
  • Evidence-based decision making:
    • To make always improvement decisions based on the analysis and evaluation of the data.
    • Relationship management:
    • Manage and maintain relationships with the interested parties (users, volunteers, entities, foundations, etc.).

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