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In order to the research staff of the University of Valencia be able to know the economic situation of its projects through the internet, an application in web environment named INVESWEB has been developed.

Through the application the execution status of the expenditures and income of the research projects:

  • Expenditures amounted of the stock correlations at a project level.
  • Codification of the projects (specific key, name of the project, amount of the "IVA", organic GINSA, title and other data of the project).
  • Expenditures amounted of the execution status of expenditures and income of a specific project.
  • Shipments and accrued expenditures by shipment.
  • Totals by nature of the expenditure.
  • Concepts and accrued expenditures by concept.
  • Budget amendments carried out in the income budget as of the income obtained by the project.
  • Budget amendments pending of application in the expenditure budget as of the income obtained by the project.
  • Operations carried out over the different shipments.