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Services chart

  • Our task begins with previous assessment, at the beginning of the administrative records for procurement, at the units interested in the formal agreement of any type of contract, in the relation with administrative procedures which have to be followed, the qualification of contracts and the application of the appropriate legal system.
  • The processing of administrative records in relation to the type of the following contracts:


Typical: Construction works (for example, construction of a new building or refurbishing an old building)

Management of public services.

Supplies (for example, furniture, equipment for research, etc.).

Services (for example, cleaning, security and maintenance of buildings).

Consulting and assistance (for example, writing of construction works projects and facilities).

Public works authorization.

Special: (for example, use of cafeterias and reprographics).

-Private: for example, buying and selling or leasing of a property, hiring an artist.

  • Accounting management, which involves the processing of contracts and the development of the corresponding accounting documents (including the proposal of payment, except in those cases in which the accounting management is decentralized)
  • The administrative procurement services acts, during the process of contract award, as a support of the bureau of procurement, and assumes the office of the secretary.
  • For certain types of contracts, we perform the management, monitoring and supervision of administrative execution.
  • Processing of administrative procedures in relation to incidents that arose in the development of contracts (for example, modification of contracts, contractual resolutions, postponements…).