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History of the Department

The "Juan José Renau Piqueras" Department of Business Management originated in the Department of Business Economics at the University of Valencia; department that brought together the different areas of the study of economics.
The law reform carried out in the years 1983 and 1984 prompted the creation of the knowledge areas in the Spanish University, leading to the fragmentation of the Area of Business Economics into three areas: Business Organisation, Marketing and Market Research, and Financial Economics. As a result of these changes, in July 1986 a new department was created in the University of Valencia with the name of Business Management (Administration and Marketing) that brought together the thirteen full professors of the areas of Marketing and Market Research, and Business Organisation, with Dr. Martina Menguzzato Boulard as its first director.
The new department developed spectacularly in the following years thanks to Professor of Business Economics, Juan José Renau Piqueras, who knew how to encourage and support the building of strong teams of professors and researchers in both areas of knowledge.
After his death in 1998, and as a posthumous and permanent tribute to his person, and in recognition of his work, the department decided to change its name to "Juan José Renau Piqueras" Department of Business Management, a name which remains to this day.

Currently, the "Juan José Renau Piqueras" Department of Business Management has 26 full professors n the area of Marketing and Market Research, and 60 in the area of Business Management, who teach around 1800 credits in the degrees of:

  • Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas. Licenciatura en Economía.
  • Licenciatura in Market Research and Techniques. Licenciatura in Labour Sciences.
  • Electronic Engineering.
  • Licenciatura in Law and Business Management and Administration.
  • Licenciatura in Food Science and Technology. Licenciatura in Pharmacy.
  • Licenciatura in Audiovisual Communication.
  • Licenciatura in Electronic Engineering for Telecommunications. Diplomatura in Business Sciences.
  • Diplomatura in Labour Relations.
  • Diplomatura in Tourism.
  • Diplomatura in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • European Degree in Business Administration.
  • European Degree in Economy
  • In addition, it offers various third cycle programmes of both doctorate and postgraduate studies. In particular, since 1990, it offers the doctorate in Business Management, in which 55 doctoral theses have been defended, 10 of which in the form of European Doctorate, and 6 have received the Special Doctorate Award. 62 Proficiency in Academic Research and Diplomas de Estudios Avanzados (DEA, Advanced Studies Diploma) have been achieved as well
  • In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia it also offers the Master's degree in Business Management and Administration and in Marketing; with Ford Spain, it offers the Master's degree in Management of Ford Concessions, and in collaboration with Ford Spain and Anglia University (England), the international Master's degree in Business Administration.

In addition to the above, through the University-Company it offers the following programmes:

  • Master in Quality Management.
  • Master in New Trends in Business Management. Diploma in Market Research.
  • Diploma in Strategic Marketing.
  • Diploma in Communication Tools Management.
  • Certificate of Distribution Logistics.
  • Certificate in Commercial Business Management.
  • Certificate in Commercial Establishment Image.
  • Certificate in Point of Sale Advertising and Promotion.
  • Certificate in Leisure Commerce in Tourist and Rural Environments.
  • Certificate in International Trade: Financing and Payment Methods.
  • Certificate in Relationship Marketing.