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The research unit is integrated into the ICBiBE from the Department of Microbiology and Ecology of the University of Valencia. In this research unit are enrolled in order of seniority, José A. Gil- Delgado (1974 ), Emilio Barba (1995) and Juan S. Monrós (2004) , although the latter was a research intern of FPU between 1993 and 1996 , and Adjunct Professor between 1997 and 2002.

The research lines mentioned below got their start in 1975 when it began to control birds which nest in an area of nearly 17 hectares in the Sagunto orange groves. Besides controlling the breeding species by this method, nests search, we accumulate an extensive information on various aspects of phonological birds breeding in these crops. Thus, there is a database on bird communities along the period 1975-2004, and on variations in the populations of 12 to 25 species that breed each year on the plot. Accordingly, aspects of communities, populations, re production and interaction with other species are treated, as in the database information abounds on the incidence of predation from live observations of events. Serve as a reference the example of the information collected on one of the nesting species, Mirlo común (Blackbird), in which the complete history of 250-350 nests each year is known. All chicks were banded. Specifically we have studied other biological aspects. For example, the diet of the chickens. This line of research follows those indicated in the following paragraph.