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Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

The Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer is a microfluidic-based platform designed for sizing, quantification and quality control of DNA and RNA by small-chip electrophoresis in a single instrument. Results are obtained in a short time in an automated way, directly in digital format.

The miniaturisation of analytical instruments offers numerous advantages over conventional techniques. These include improved data accuracy and reproducibility, reduced analysis times, minimal sample consumption and improved automation and integration of complex workflows.

Array platform: expression and cytogenetics

The Array platform, designed by Affymetrix, provides a holistic study of organisms from the perspective of systems biology, a better understanding of biological properties and interactions as a whole. This technology provides the flexibility to study a specific subset of genes of interest or to be able to focus on the study of the genome at a global level in order to understand and define in depth the complex mechanisms and networks that underlie biological processes and diseases. 

Massarray Platform

The Massarray platform is responsible for the research study of biological samples through the fine mapping of DNA sequences and the analysis of methylation phenomena. With this equipment, dozens of DNA variants such as SNPs, insertions or deletions can be analysed in hundreds of samples in a short time with a high degree of precision and sensitivity. It is also possible to analyse somatic mutations such as those present in samples of cancerous origin. Finally, the degree of methylation of individual CpGs in short DNA sequences can be quantitatively quantified.

Massive DNA sequencing system

Massive DNA sequencing equipment based on sequencing by synthesis, using nucleotides labelled with fluorophores of different colours, and capturing images of the emitted fluorescence.

Real-Time PCR System

Real-time PCR is a technique that combines amplification and detection in a single step by correlating the PCR product of each cycle with a fluorescence intensity signal. They consist of a thermal cycler coupled to an optical system, which monitors the signal of the fluorophores used to detect the amplified product. Because the fluorescence of the fluorophores increases as the product is amplified, the amplification and detection processes are combined in a single step.