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Seminario de Eirik Endeve del Oak Ridge National Laboratory, EEUU

  • 3 marzo de 2023
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Título: On the development of discontinuous Galerkin methods for neutrino radiation hydrodynamics

Lugar: Seminari del DAA. Edifici Investigació Jeroni Muñoz, planta quarta, a Burjassot.

Día: dilluns 6 de març de 2023. Hora: 12:00.


Simulations of core-collapse supernovae (CCSNe) and other systems of interest in nuclear astrophysics call for the use of a relativistic model.  Currently, several groups are tackling this computational challenge with algorithms based on finite volume or finite difference methods.  More recently, discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods have gained increased attention in the computational astrophysics community, in part due to their scalability, but they have yet to be applied to model CCSNe.  In this seminar I will discuss our efforts to develop DG methods for relativistic neutrino radiation hydrodynamics and their implementation in the toolkit for high-order neutrino radiation hydrodynamics (thornado), which are based on solving a spectral two-moment model with algebraic closure.  I will first introduce the two-moment model, the discretization in phase-space with DG methods and time integration with implicit-explicit methods.  Then I will provide details on our strategy for solving the nonlinear system modeling the coupling between neutrinos and matter.  I will end with some preliminary numerical results demonstrating the performance of the methods in idealized settings. 

Conexión remota: https://uv-es.zoom.us/j/99386555213?pwd=ODFEbEhwYXk5RVRGd2phb3gwQW1zZz09