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Seminario de Melissa López de la Universidad de Utrecht

  • 27 febrero de 2023
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Título: Simulating transient noise burst in LIGO: gengli and its applications

Lugar: Seminario del DAA. Edificio Investigación Jeroni Muñoz, planta cuarta, en Burjassot.

Dia: Jueves 2 de marzo de 2023. Hora: 11:00.


The noise of gravitational-wave (GW) interferometers limits their sensitivity and impacts the data quality, hindering the detection of GW signals from astrophysical sources. For transient searches, the most problematic are transient noise artefacts, known as glitches, that happens at a rate around  1/min, and can mimic GW signals. Because of this, there is a need for better modelling and inclusion of glitches in large-scale studies, such as stress testing the pipelines. In this proof-of-concept work, we employ Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), a state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithm inspired by Game Theory, to learn the underlying distribution of blip glitches and to generate artificial populations. We reconstruct the glitch in the time domain, providing a smooth input that the GAN can learn. We share the trained network through a user-friendly open-source software package called gengli and provide practical examples of its usage.