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Seminario de Tirso Marín-Gilabert (USM/LMU Munich)

  • 4 septiembre de 2023
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Título: The Role of Viscosity in Galaxy Clusters

Lugar: Seminario del DAA. Edificio Investigación Jeroni Muñoz, planta cuarta, en Burjassot.

Día: jueves 14 de septiembre de 2023.

Hora: 15:00.

The evolution of galaxy clusters is highly influenced by the dynamics of the Intracluster Medium (ICM), which govern crucial aspects such as mixing, turbulence processes, and galaxy interactions within the cluster environment. Among the factors influencing the ICM dynamics, the impact of viscosity is still under debate. Understanding the effect of viscosity on the evolution of galaxy clusters is fundamental for comprehending gas properties and the underlying dynamics within the ICM.

By conducting a thorough study, we aim to highlight the implications that viscosity introduces compared to inviscid simulations. These implications encompass morphological differences, shock propagation mechanisms, and the intricate interplay with dynamo amplification, among other fundamental effects. The results of this research are expected to enhance our understanding of ICM dynamics and contribute to our knowledge of galaxy cluster evolution.