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Guide to doctoral studies at the University of Valencia

Registration instruction


New doctoral students

The Universitat de València will publish the results of pre-enrolment on the website of the Doctoral School in accordance with the established administrative calendar.

Students admitted in a Doctoral Programme will be able to self-enrol online, from 10 to 17 October 2024 (until 14:00 Spanish time) .

They will access the Portal Serveis Estudiant website to register They will previously receive a notification in the email provided in the pre-registration.

The payment of the enrolment fees is not made at the time of the self-enrolment. The receipt will be generated later.

The approximate dates of issue will be published when the information is available.

Second and subsequent enrolments

The renewal of the enrolment for second and subsequent year doctoral students will be automatically done by the Doctoral School during the first two weeks of October.

The Doctoral School will send an email to the student's account ( during the months of June-July to inform them of the enrolment and, if necessary, to update their personal information and payment details or any other relevant information.



  • Credit card
  • Direct debit to a Spanish bank account: the student must submmit the debit order.
  • Bank transfer: if the above options are not available, it is possible to make a bank transfer to the Universitat de València. To do this, the student will send a ticket to to request the details of the University's bank account. Once the transfer has been made, the student will send a copy of the bank receipt to the same ticket.