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Is it a face-to-face doctorate?

Yes, partially.

The doctorate requires attendance to:

  • The subjects of the doctoral training complements:

52503 - Qualitative research technicques (3 Credits)

52504-Quantitative research techniques I: Multivariate analysis (3 Credits)

52505-Quantitative research techniques II: Structural equations (3 Credits)

52506-Research theories in Business Management (3 Credits)

52507-Researcher abilities (3 Credits)

  • Completion of 4.5 credits of transversal courses
  • Attendance at 3 seminars on the lines of research of the Doctorate in Business Management.
  • Attendance at 6 international research seminars.

These face-to-face activities can be concentrated from January to April of the current academic year. The rest of the activities necessary to complete the doctoral thesis can be carried out outside of Valencia, coordinating remotely with the director of the doctoral thesis.

The doctoral program in Business Management has extensive experience in conducting remote doctoral theses with excellent results.

Is it necessary to speak, read and write English to do a PhD in Business Administration?

The answer is yes.

Admission to the doctoral program requires a level at least equivalent to a B2 (First Certificate of the British Council).

Many PhD classes and many seminars are conducted in English.

Research is a globalized activity and English is clearly the scientific language. Any research paper involves reading in English. In addition, for the results of an investigation to have a greater impact, it is advisable to disseminate them in English. Any academic discussion in an international forum is usually conducted in English.

Are there any deadlines to carry out the defence of the doctoral thesis?

Yes. If the full-time doctorate option is chosen, the term is three years. If the part-time option is chosen, the term is five years.

Do I have to wait to be assigned the topic of the thesis?

No. In fact, it is highly recommended to apply for admission to the doctorate knowing clearly what topic is going to be addressed. It is also advisable to contact experts on this subject among Department of Business Management staff before even starting the admission process.

Can I do my thesis as a compendium of publications?

The Doctorate in Business Management of the Universitat de València allows the thesis to be carried out by compendium of publications. The thesis deposit regulation (RDT) of the Universitat de València establishes in its article 8 the conditions that the theses by compendium must meet. Apart from what is indicated in article 8, it is important to point out that all the articles included in a thesis by compendium must have been developed during the doctoral thesis process. Articles that have been developed in research prior to enrolment in the doctorate will not be accepted as part of a compendial thesis.

Given that the deadlines for publication of articles in academic journals may exceed the deadline for submitting the thesis, the traditional thesis format allows, as long as the structure of this type of thesis is respected, to be included as chapters of the thesis unpublished essays that have the format of an academic article.

Regarding the theses by compendium of publications, article 8 of the RDT establishes the following:

  1. A doctoral thesis can be presented at the University of Valencia as a compendium of publications, provided that the following requirements are taken into account, except in exceptional cases authorized by the Doctoral School.
  1. The doctoral candidate must present a minimum of three articles, already published or accepted in journals indexed in an international index such as JCR (WoS) and / or SJR (Scopus) in the case of Social Sciences and must be the first signatory of all the jobs that he presents. Otherwise, unless in the field of knowledge of the thesis a specific agreement is used to organize the signature of the articles, it is necessary to justify its place of signature. In case that the above requirements cannot be met, each academic coordination committee of the corresponding doctoral program will determine, in each case, the impact factor that the publications must have on the bibliographic indexes…..