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If the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, the admission to the Programme shall be based on the following criteria:

  • Degree (undergraduate degree or equivalent and Master’s degree), on the basis of its suitability to the recommended profile (50%).
  • Average grade of the student academic record (25%).
  • Curriculum vitae (maximum 15%):
  • Collaboration grants and/or Pre-doctoral Research Contract. Each year (3%).
  • Special award of Diplomatura, Licenciatura (former Spanish undergraduate degree), undergraduate degree or master’s degree. For each of the awards obtained (2%)
  • Scientific publications (up to 10 %)

a) For every scientific publication in a journal related in Science Citation Index (5%)
b) For every scientific publication not related in the Science Citation Index (2%)
c) For every participation in conferences or scientific meetings on a national or international basis, through communication, lecture or poster (1%)

10% of the places available will be reserved for part-time students, understood as students with a dedication to the programme activities of less than 25 hours per week.

Regarding to entry systems and procedures adapted to students with special educational needs, the University of Valencia has the Unit for the Integration of People with Disabilities (UPD), which ensures the respect for the principle of equal opportunities and non discrimination and supports the collective of students with special educational needs. The “Service Charter” of this unit (, informs about quality commitments and rights and duties of users.

According to the Royal Decree 1892/2008, of 14 November, regulating the conditions to access to official university undergraduate degrees and admission procedures to the Spanish public universities, the 5% of places available will be reserved for students who have a recognised disability of at least 33%, as well as for those students with permanent special educational needs associated with personal circumstances of disability, who during their previous academic life have needed resources and support for their full educational normalisation.

Exceptionally, those students who have external funding may apply for admission to the programme beyond the official deadline (July to October) established by the University of Valencia; to do this you should contact the Programme Academic Committee.