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Master's Degree in Contemporary Philosophical Thought offers training with a philosophical rigor about ideas, concepts, trends of thinking and dominant debates in the public contemporary discourses about philosophy, culture, art, politics, religion, science and technology. The master's degree is open to two perspectives: training and research.

The first part is aimed to promote in students the knowledge of the main contemporary problems and debates of philosophical relevance, as well as the understanding of the relations of Philosophy with different spheres of culture and thinking. This perspective is of special interest for graduates or licendiados in Philosophy, Humanities, History, History or Art, Political Sciences, Sociology, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Language Studies, Architecture and Fine Arts.

The second one expects, in addition, to favour the access in optimal conditions, of students that wish it so, to the Third Cycle of studies in Philosophy, that is, the doctoral studies. Recently, we have renewed the study plan in order to

  • Cover philosophical disciplines previously left unattended, such as aesthetics, moral philosophy and political philosophy; and
  • increase the availability so that students can easily organise their studies according to their intellectual interests.

Professional opportunities: Third Cycle of the studies in Philosophy: cultural management, editorial management, communication, cultural criticism and intellectual counseling; research, specially in humand and social sciences; teaching of Philosophy and related subjects at different levels.