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Once the deadline for submitting the pre-registration application forms have finished, the Academic Phd Committee (Cad) of each Phd’s will evaluate the application forms according to the entry criteria of each Phd’s.

The places offered will be allocated according to the result of the evaluation of the pre-registration application form and of the priority order indicated by the student in the application form.

1.- Notification 

The resolution of the pre-registration procedure will be announced to students through the electronic site “my personal site”, in 18th October 2018. The announcement will be notified by an email sent to the email address indicated on the pre-registration application form.

Each student may only be admitted in a single Phd, and they might be in the waiting lists of different degrees.

2.- Rectification

In the case that the pre-registration application form to a Phd’s results “conditionally admitted”, the students should proceed to rectify its application form in the established deadline. If the application is not rectified in the deadline, they will lose the right for the place initially allocated, and these will be offered at the announcement of the waiting list.

3.- Claim Term

After the notification and publication of the results in 18th October 2018, applicants will have from 20th to 23th of October for claiming to the corresponding CAD. The complaint together with the additional documentation that you will deemed pertinent it should be submitted or sent to the offices of the Doctoral School.

4.- Enrolment

Only the students who are “admitted” or those " conditionally admitted" who amend their applications may enrol in the established deadline. You can check the enrolment process here.