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The interuniversity Doctoral Studies Programme in Psychology of Human Resources seeks the development of the research competences of its doctoral students, while its learning basic strategy is based on the “learning by doing under supervision”. To do so, the doctoral programme banks on a training and socialization plan based on practice and diversity of relevant researching activities. Moreover, it provides a painstaking monitoring on doctoral students by their directors and other researchers of the programme within the framework of the corresponding Doctoral Schools of each one of the participating universities.

It is also framed in researching universities with a wide, proven and fruitful experience and with quality researching teams (in the US, Psychology and Work Research Unit and in the UV the University Institute of Psychology of Human Resources, Organisational Development and Labour Life Quality) with a clear European and International projection.

The design of the programme is aimed at being predominantly taken full time and face to face in the research centres where it is taught.

Doctoral students are expected an effective and efficient performance by fostering the obtaining of scholarships for doctoral students, by using an painstaking selection process and by setting out a training and monitoring plan of the doctoral students’ activities and a monitoring of these activities so that an appropriate process and some results in accordance with the established planning are guaranteed.
the programme fosters international mobility through the carrying out of one or several stays in research centres of other countries suitable for the thematic of its research and favouring the obtaining of the Doctoral qualification Award for Excellence. With it, the planning of medium-term research, the cooperation with international teams, the development of research projects and the disseminating of the results of the research is made easier.

The programme fosters the participation of prestigious visiting professors of Universities from different countries. Moreover, doctoral students are also invited to the international seminars of the Master’s Degree Erasmus Mundus, taught by professors from other Universities.
it involves a doctoral programme geared towards the continuous improvement in the direction process and tuition of the doctoral students’ works and theses. To do so an annual Workshop is organised where the good practices are in the Doctoral Thesis Direction are analysed and the guideline on good practices is updated. The information on plans and projects of the different research lines is updated separately.

Is a programme with an important international projection both in the field of selecting doctoral students and in the field of the research activity thereof of the research teams that bank on a wide cooperation networks with international research centres.
Moreover, the researchers of the programme develop an important international activity in editing committees of international journals, in directive positions of international scientific associations and in different research networks.

The programme is framed within the activities and programmes of the corresponding Campus of International Excellence. Thus, in the UV, the project is located in the International Centre of Postgraduate Studies of the Campus of International Excellence VLC/CAMPUS ( www.vlccampus.com). Moreover, the IDOCAL Institute is part of the Research Microcluster: “Capital Humano y Salud laboral en una economía sostenible” whose main aim is to carry out a research geared towards development and the transfer of new technologies and Human Capital Management practices and the prevention of emergent risks in high added value companies. By its part, in the US, the programme is located in the International School of Doctoral Studies (EIDUS) framed within the doctoral programmes offered in an international network.

The programme develops research and transfer with commitment to service to the agents of the socio-economic environment and the transformation of the productive context of the actuation field of the universities that promote them. Moreover, strategies to disseminate the results obtained among the professionals that perform in the field of employment consultancy, organisational change, management and development of Human Resources and analysis and prevention of labour risks.

Another important feature of the programme is that it is geared towards promoting graduated Doctoral Students and the support of their career development. Our doctoral programme has among one of its fundamental quality criteria the promotion of our doctors and their incorporation as researchers in Universities, research centres and companies. Actually, those doctoral students of the programme who have graduated have been acknowledged with the Doctoral Studies Extraordinary Awards, have obtained different post-doctoral grants (e.g. Fullbright) or have joined as researched in universities and Spanish and international prestigious research centres (i.e. George Mason University, USA, Guelph University, Canada; Brunel University of the United Kingdom, Technological Institute of Setubal, Portugal, University of Lisbon, Universidad of Seville, UOC, Universidad of Buenos Aires, Universidad of Mérida, Universidad of Cuernavaca, Universidad de Valencia -different departments- etc.) and research Centres (CIEMAT, Observatorio de Inserción laboral de la Universidad de Valencia, etc.).