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1 Human Capital: employability, entrepreneurship, employment flexibility and psychological control.

This research line is primarily focused on the following themes: human capital development, transformations in the labour market, workers’ flexibility and adaptation (entrepreneurship and entrepreneur initiative within the organization, etc.) and psychological contract.

2. Conflict management, coalitions and prosocial behaviour in organizational contexts.

This research lines address issues geared towards constructive conflict management, mediation, coalitions and the diverse ways prosocial behaviours are expressed to promote health, wellbeing and people’s dignity.

3. Work teams in organizations in face-to-face and virtual environments  

In this research line researches are developed on the organisational climate and of the team; composition (diversity) of these teams, tasks and characteristics, psyco-social processes, leadership and team work results and in the work units. This research line pays especial attention to virtual teams and to work team through ITs.

4 Occupational health psychology: stress and life quality at work and analysis and prevention of psychosocial risks.

This research line puts emphasis on an approximation from positive and multi-level psychology. Analysis of quality relations of working life, well being and happiness at work with productivity, performance and efficiency (by developing methodologies for the evaluation of this performance).

5 Quality of service and organizational culture.

This research line studies the psychosocial processes in the provision of services and interaction with customers; which analyses the organisation and employees (especially those who participate directly) and clients and users.