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Programme code: 3112

Regulations: RD 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Social and legal science

Doctoral website:

Organised by:Faculty of Teacher Training

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participating Universities:University of Valencia General Study

Programme Coordinator:Dr. D Juan Carlos Colomer Rubio

Places available for new students:42 places

Aims: The doctoral programme aims to respond to the training needs in the research of Specific Didactics. The different knowledge areas share the common task of training professional teachers in the relevant curriculum areas. This general aim is focused in training competent researchers in Specific Didactics, providing an updated knowledge in the main fields of research and a methodological training to design research projects and develop quality research projects; incorporating new members to the research community in Specific Didactics who show autonomy in their learning, permanently updating it, and with the ability for collaborative work at international level; improving the effectiveness and coverage of education with basic and applied research in Specific Didactics, its communication and spreading among the educational community, and the implementation of the results in the educational centres.

Description: The academic and social importance of the Doctoral Studies in Specific Didactics to train researchers who help improving teaching, learning and understanding of school subjects is evidenced by the mandates of our legislation. Therefore, the LOE, Article 1 specifies “The Spanish education system is guided by the following principles ... n) The development and promotion of research, experimentation and innovation in education.”, and Article 2.2 specifies that “the government will give priority attention to the set of factors that enhance the quality of teaching and, in particular, the qualification and training of teachers, ... research, experimentation and educational renewal, ...” In addition, Article 90 of the LOE indicates that “The Ministry of Education and Science and the Autonomous Communities, will recognize and reward teaching or research work of teachers and centres, ...” This statement is consistent with Article 91, which specifies the functions of the teaching staff, "l) Research, experimentation and continuous improvement of relevant teaching processes”, and with Article 105.2, stating that “The educational authorities, regarding the teaching staff in public schools, will encourage ... d) The development of paid leaves, ... in order to encourage training, research and educational innovation activities...” Moreover, the employment data provided by the White Books of Aneca and the INEM (see the website of the Professional Placement and Careers Advice Monitoring Centre of the University of Valencia, indicate that teaching is the primary professional output, or a major, of most related to these doctoral studies.

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