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Doctoral Programme in Advanced Hispanic Studies

Applicants must be in one of the situations referred to in the RD 99/2011 or the second additional provision of the Royal Decree
Pre-registration in doctoral studies will be done in the Postgraduate Service of the University of Valencia in accordance with the current regulations
— maximum number of accepted doctoral students each year: 20
The doctoral programme in Advanced Hispanic Studies yearly offers 20 places, out of which 5% (1 place) will be reserved for students with disabilities. 30% of the places will be offered to part-time students (6 places). Part-time doctoral students will have to justify in front of the Programme’s Academic Committee their reason for entering in the part-time modality.

Additional compulsory requisites for foreign university qualifications
Students who do not have homologated qualifications expeded by a superior education institute different to the EEES will additionally require the obtention of an access resolution favorable to the University of Valencia’s Rector. In order to obtain it, the applicant will have to contact the  Postgraduate Service, Third Cycle Management (
—Acceptance and selection requirements: the body in charge of the students’ admission is the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme, as stated in the regulations for Postgraduate Official Studies of the University of Valencia.
Students who adjust to the University of Valencia general requisites will be assessed by the Academic Committee
of the doctoral programme in Advanced Hispanic Studies, in accordance with the programme’s specific admission requisites and merit valuing criteria
, in order to be accepted in our doctoral programme during their training period.