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UV Thesis Requirements / Thesis Compendium

  1. A Doctoral Thesis can be submitted in the Universitat de València as a compendium, as always as the following requirements are taken into account, with exceptional cases authorised by the Doctoral School.
  1. The Doctoral student shall submit a minimum of three articles, already published or accepted in internationally indexed journals such as JCR (WoS) and/or SJR (Scopus), in the case of Social Sciences. The Doctoral student must be the first signatory of all papers submitted. Otherwise, it is necessary to justify its signature place, unless in the field of knowledge of the thesis a specific agreement is used to arrange the signing of the articles. If the above requirements cannot be met, each academic coordination committee of the corresponding Doctoral Programme will determine the impact factor that the publications should have on the bibliographic indexes in each case.
  2. The thesis must include a global summary of the subject, the main results and the conclusions, which justify the original contribution of the author, written in any of the official languages, with a minimum of 4000 words.
  3. A full copy of the papers published or approved for publication must be included as an appendix, clearly stating the name and affiliation of all co-authors of the papers and the full reference of the journal in which the papers have been published or approved for publication. In the last case, a proof of admission and the complete reference of the journal to which they have sent the articles must be attached.
  4. Any additional requirements that may established for this purpose by the Doctoral School.

2. In addition to the documents specified in the previous section, the following documents must also be provided for submitting the deposit form:

  1. A paper by the director of the Thesis on its impact factor, or categorisation of the journal, of the publications included in the Doctoral Thesis.
  2. If one or more co-authored papers are submitted, a report from the Thesis directors must be provided, specifying in detail the participation of the doctoral student in each paper. It shall also be considered that if any of the co-authors of any of the works presented in the Doctoral Thesis have used, implicitly or explicitly, these works for the completion of another Doctoral Thesis and, if this is the case, the circumstances justifying that the doctoral student or the doctoral candidate is not the first signatory of some of the works. (Article 8, of the Regulations of the Deposit, Evaluation and Thesis Defence)