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Doctoral Programme in Education

As general entry requirement they should be contemplated in some of the presumptions of the article 6 of the RD 99/2011 or of the second additional provision of such Royal Decree.
As specific requirement:
1. Applicants should have completed one of the following Master’s Degrees: Master’s Degree in Psycho-pedagogy, Master’s Degree in Policy and Management of Educational Organisations, Master’s Degree in Special Education, International Master’s Degree in Migrations, Master’s Degree in Social Education and Master’s Degree in Research in Specific Didactics, Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching, associated to this doctoral programme or other studies of the same level and branch of knowledge that can be taught.
In the event of holding the Diploma d'Estudis Avançats (DEA-a tertiary education degree)- obtained according to the Royal Decree 778/98– or the Research Proficiency- according to the regulations of the Royal Decree 185/85– ,they must have been completed within Doctoral Programmes related to Education (such as: 335 D ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION, 270 E PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL PARTICIPATION, 120 F SOCIAL AND POLITICAL STUDIES OF EDUCATION, 270 D EDUCATIONAL INTERVENTION: METHODS, EVALUATION, DIAGNOSIS AND GUIDANCE, 335 C PEDAGOGICAL ACTIONS AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, 100 B CRISIS OF THE LEGITIMACY OF THINKING AND EDUCATIONAL PRACTICES).
To have completed Doctoral Studies in Education (RD 1393/2007).
Also any studies of Master’s Degree or equivalent studies in a foreign country whose content are considered equivalent to the studies mentioned above from the point of view of education.
Prior knowledge needed is therefore this of specialised level of Master’s Degree in any field of Education, valuing especially experience derived from the preparation and defence of a report (TFM). The language used in the programme is Spanish although understanding of English texts is required. Any additional competences will be linked to the mobility activities chosen in the course of the programme.
2.- For applicants coming from other degrees, the Doctoral Programme Coordinating Committee (CCD), will require certified training in the field of Education or professional and innovative experience. The bridging courses needed for each case will be chose among the content of the associated Master’s degree already listed.
The students who fulfil the requirements will entry the doctoral programme, and the Doctoral Studies Academic Committee (CCD) will be the responsible for verifying the compliance of the above requirements for the admission of the Doctoral student.
The CCD is composed of the chairperson, a member per each consolidated group linked to the programme -at least one per pathway-, a responsible for relations with other units and universities and coordinator of training stays.
For guidance and advice concerned with the academic and professional career the university community hasthe OPAL support and guidance services (counselling, training, career opportunities, recruitment agency and entrepreneurship).