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Doctoral Programme on Historical and Social Studies on Science, Medicine and Scientific Communication

Programme code: 3129

Regulations: R.D. 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Health sciences

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Organised by:López Piñero Institute for the History of Medicine and Science

Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participant Universities:Miguel Hernández University of Elche, University of Alacant and University of Valencia (General Study)

Programme coordinator:Dr. D. Enric Novella Gaya

1st year available places:35 spots

Aims: The general objective of this Doctoral Studies Programme is to configure a multidisciplinary academic space around Social Studies on Science (known as Science Studies), which include science philosophy and sociology, science and medicine history, medical and scientific language, scientific documentation and information and science communication and dissemination. The programme is structured around several subjects which provide a wide, plural and integrating analysis of the historical, social, cultural, linguistic, communicative and cognitive dimensions of the products and contents. The doctoral programme on Historical and Social studies on Science, Medicine and Scientific Communication complete the postgraduate studies started with the Master’s degree on History of Science and Scientific Communication. The doctoral programme provides knowledge and skills for research in all areas related to science and technology’s history, scientific museology and knowledge circulation and scientific dissemination. It opens up an access path to research as the first step towards an academic career and gives possibilities both in scientific museology and cultural patrimony. The Lopez Piñero Institute for the History of Medicine And Science is a mixed centre of the University of Valencia and the CISC whose disseminating cultural and scientific activity is associated to the Palau Cervero/ Office of the Vice-Principal of Culture and to scientific museums within the Community.

Description: The background of the doctoral programme is a former programme imparted by the Department of History of Science and Documentation, joint to the Institute and which was a pioneer in scientific historical and social studies in Spain. It is an inter-university official programme organised by the Universidad de Valencia, the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and the University of Alacant, in collaboration with the CSIC. This way, students can carry out doctoral thesis within the several researching programmes developed by researchers in those centres. Additionally, the Doctoral Programme has an international referential academic frame as there are similar programmes in other universities in the United States, Great Britain, Italy, France and Germany. It opens up a path for specialisation and professionalization for those people who have taken the inter-university Master’s Degree «History of Science and Scientific Communication» or other similar postgraduate courses imparted by other universities and centres to which people with any degree could access; specially those with qualifications of health sciences, science, history, philology, journalism, audiovisual communication, human sciences, education, library and documentation studies, history of the arts and translation and interpretation.

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