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Doctoral Programme on Historical and Social Studies on Science, Medicine and Scientific Communication

Complementary modules:
“Introduction to Scientific Communication”
Contents: Scientific communication concepts, science social communication, scientific dissemination and scientific journalism. History of scientific communication.
Objectives and functions of scientific social communication. Scientific dissemination models. Scientific journalism: genres, formats and styles. Science’s rhetoric. Science’s social perception. Public participation in science. Production, Circulation and Consumption of Scientific Information.
“Introduction to Scientific History”
Contents: Introduction to the history of science, medicine and technology. The origins of science. Science and Medicine in Greece and Rome. The Middle Ages. Scientific revolution (16th and 17th Century). Medicine in the 16th and 17th Centuries. Science and Illustration Science, medicine and technology in the 19th Century. 20th Century technologies. Biomedicine and public health in the 20th Century.