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Doctoral Programme in Mathematics


    Theory of representations of finite groups

    Arithmetic and structural properties of groups and applications


Linear Algebra

    Matrix theory and applications to control systems

    Iterative solution of linear systems and applications


Mathematical Analysis

    Operator theory

    Vector and multilinear Fourier analysis

    Spaces and algebras of differentiable functions

    Methods of functional analysis for mathematical analysis

    Dynamic linear systems: chaos

    Nonlinear partial differential equations


Geometry and Topology

    Volume, energy and curvature in manifolds

    Theory of singularities: generic geometry and morphology

    Diffuse metrics and quasimetrics: applications


Applied Mathematics

    Numerical analysis, images and simulation

    Resolution of equations and nonlinear systems


Mathematical Modeling

    Stochastic differential equations and their applications

    Modeling the spread of infectious diseases and social habits

    Mathematical modeling for metabolic and energy engineering

    Mathematical models in physics