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Doctoral Programme in Reading and Comprehension

Programme code: 3134

Regulations: RD 99/2011

Knowledge branch: Social and legal science

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Management Centre:Postgraduate School

Participant Universities:Universidad de Salamanca and Universitat de València (Estudi General)

Programme coordinator:Dr Eduardo Vidal-Abarca Gámez

1st year available places:6 places.

Aims: The objectives of this doctoral programme can be summarised in this three: -Training researchers in the field of psychological processes related with reading and comprehension of texts and in the areas of linguistic analysis of speech and reading promotion. -To contribute to development of theoretic high level theoretic knowledge and applied to reading, its acquisition, comprehension and disruptions, just like its derivations to education and editorial fields, with special emphasis in the environments of Technology of Information and Communication. -To disseminate and promote the importance of reading and comprehension in our current society, in academic and professional context, just like the society in general, and collaborate with companies and entities in the development of techniques, procedures and methodologies for the analysis, assessment and intervention in the reading and comprehension processes.

Description: Reading and comprehension are topics of scientific research and professional fields of great interest for society. In the field of scientific research, reading and comprehension has been a preferential issue in the field of psychology. In reading converge from the most basic processes of perceptual and attentional, just like the most complex processes involved in memory, comprehension, reasoning, or the most complex learning. Moreover, reading and comprehension are human mind paradigmatic activities where neuro-cognitive, behavioural and social aspects of great complexity confluence. The alterations (e.g. Dyslexia) and its acquisition and learning processes have served to deepen the understanding of the mind and brain. Moreover, the scientific study of reading in different languages, alphabetic and non-alphabetic, has greatly increased our knowledge of language and its peculiarities in different languages.

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