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Doctoral Programme in Social Economy (Cooperatives and non-profit entities)

3116   Social Economy (Cooperative society and Non-profit organisation)
  • Main research line in Social Economy, Economics, Business and Social Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary research line in Social Economy
  • Main research line in Social Economics Law

Research Topics

  • Social Economics. Theoretical approaches
  • Strategic Management of Cooperative Enterprises and Social Economics
  • Quantification of Social Economics. National Accountancy and Satellite Accounts.
  • Social economics, employment dynamics and collective self-employment
  • Cooperative Law and Social Economics.
  • Public policies and Social Economics. Policies to promote cooperatives. Design and evaluation
  • Information and communications technology applied to Social Economics. Participation through ICTs. ICT and basic rights
  • Labour companies, Professional Societies, Investees
  • Structural modifications. Transformation, merger, spin-off and global assignment of assets and liabilities, segregation, vertical mergers. Groups of companies of social economy.
  • New models of supply of social welfare services - dependency services. Social Services, Social Action and Third Sector
  • Labour and social policies. Basic rights in the employment contract. Social rights
  • Taxation of cooperatives, non-profit organisations and other entities of Social Economy
  • Social Economy in the treatment of State aids and services of general economic interest
  • Ethical or responsible consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour about fair trade
  • Foundations, Associations. Patronage and fundraising
  • Local Development and Territory, and Social Economics
  • Social Economics, gender and women
  • Corporate social responsibility. Marketing and corporate social responsibility
  • Integration Enterprises and Social and Labour market inclusion. Special Employment Centres.
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Economy for the Common Good. Solidarity Economy
  • Social companies
  • Business creation and entrepreneurship
  • Economic analysis and Management of Non-Profit Sector/Third Sector. Volunteering and volunteer management
  • Accounting for cooperatives and social economy organisations.
  • Government, self-management and economic democracy.Management, participation and representation of social economy enterprises. Organisational aspects and relationship with third parties.
  • Transitions to word of work in at-risk populations
  • Food and agricultural Cooperativism
  • Social marketing and marketing in non-profit organisations
  • Social innovation and business networks
  • Cooperative credit, microcredits and other financial institutions of the social economy