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Composition of the Electoral Commission

Composition of the Electoral Commission

  • Three members from the teaching and research staff of the University of Valencia, distributed proportionally to the numbers of members of the Senate of the civil or non- civil servant teaching and research staff.
  • Two students.
  • One member from the administration and services staff.

For each one of the members of the Electoral Board, the corresponding substitute will be elected.

The members of the Electoral Commission and their supplies are elected by the groups of members of the Senate corresponding between the respective professions of the university community.

Tenured, doctor PDI

  • Titular member: Gemma Fabregat Monfort, president
  • Carla María Soler Quiles, secretary
  • Supply: José Landete Casas
  • Supply: Emilio Iranzo García

Non-doctor, non-tenured PDI

  • Titular member: Amparo Gimeno Monrós
  • Supply: Lara María Mañes Font


  • Titular member: Ana Quinto Salort
  • Titular member: Francisco Antonio Rubio Cercós
  • Supply: Carlos Ibáñez Vives
  • Supply: Vacancy


  • Titular member: María Jesús Vila Aguilar
    Supply: Francisco Rafael Marí Grafiá

Total members: 1 man and 4 women.
Total supplies: 4 men and 1 woman.