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  • ETSE exposition

“Companies look for talent. They want to contact and recruit you. Share with them your expectations and worries about internships, final bachelor/master’s degree dissertations, projects and employment in the TALENT-FEST 19.

Subscribe to the event, know the service UVEmpleo and submit your curriculum. We invite you to Paella. Enjoy good electronic music while you talk with different companies. Don’t miss the talent festival! Thursday 9th May at 12 p.m. in the main office of the School, Universidad Avenue, no number, 46100 Burjassot.”


Participating Companies (provisional list):

AIMPLAS. Instituto Tecnológico De Plastico,Alfatec Sistemas,Analog Devices,Apunt Media TV,Arca Telecom,Autis Ingenieros,Capgemini,Cátedra Cultura Empresarial. UV,Cecotec,Celestica,Civired,Dacsa,Dam,Das Photonics,Edicom,Everis,Faurecia,Fermax,Ford,Fundación Universidad Empresa de la UV.ADEIT ,Indra,La Tribu Animation,LABORA. Servei Valencià d'Ocupació i Formació,Layakk Seguridad Informática,Leading Management Technology,Mahle Electronics ,Maxlinear Hispania,Nccgroup,Nunsys ,Orbita Ingenieria,Parc Científic de la UV,Pavasal,Power Electronics,Quimacova,S2grupo,Sagitaz - Zoho,Sopra Steria ,Torrecid,Twoweeks. UPV,València Activa. Ajuntament de València,Wise Blue,Würth Electronik,




Students Associations (IEEE-SB, ADR, DATALAB). VALIMEN Restauración. 

Poster of event