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Day of the Telecom Engineer in ETSE-UV

  • November 29th, 2016

On Monday 5 December will be celebrated the Day of the Telecom Engineer in the “Joan Pelechano” Assembly Hall of the ETSE-UV, and the dean of COGITTCV, Javier Marqués Pons, will attend.

The agenda is the following:

9h-11h. Degree’s First Year talk. Motivation for out profession.

11:30h-13:30h. Seminar on Engineering projects (Electricity, ICT, Structured Cabling and Telematics’ Projects). Degree’s first, second and third year.

15h-16h. Why do you need School. Degree’s Fourth Year. Pre-unionisation.

16h-18h. Seminar on Expert’s Reports on Telematics. Degree’s Fourth Year, open entrance to everyone who wants to join.