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PhD Students Coffee Time: Claudia Milena Rodríguez Sierra

  • 9 junio de 2022
Claudia Milena Rodríguez Sierra

El próximo jueves 09/06/2022 a las 15:00h en la Sala Reuniones SS6 (Edificio de Cabecera, Semisótano), Claudia Milena Rodríguez Sierra (Biogeografía de Sistemas Acuáticos) nos hablará sobre el tema: “Let's talk about invasive fish in our coastal wetlands”.

She says:

To develop this coffee time, I ask you: Did you know about the presence of exotic and invasive fish species in our Mediterranean coastal wetlands? Can you identify some mechanisms of entry of these exotic species? Do you know about the food supply in coastal wetlands? Could you identify the food items invasive fish prefer to consume? We will discuss all these questions focusing on the exotic fish species present on 1) La Pletera (Girona), 2) Green filter systems of Tancat de la Pipa (Albufera, Valencia) and 3) Six Coastal Wetlands in the Comunidad Valenciana. We will also talk about some aspects of their biology, ecology, diet, intake preferences and influence of seasonality on the intake. I will end the Coffee Time by talking a little about the experience developed at the University of Girona and at the University of Tolima (Colombia), the latter as part of an international stay.

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