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Formació Transversal de Doctorat

Oferta de formació transversal dels Programes de Doctorat. Curs 2022-23

Per encàrrec de l’ Escola de Doctorat de la Universitat de València, el Servei de Formació Permanent i Innovació Educativa (SFPIE) gestiona la inscripció a les activitats formatives transversals dels Programes de Doctorat regulats a l'empara del Reial decret 99/2011.

Període d'inscripció del curs acadèmic 2022-23

El període d'inscripció de les activitats formatives transversals del curs acadèmic 2022-2023 romandrà obert des de les 10 hores del dia 2 de desembre fins a les 14.00 hores del 16 de desembre de 2022.

Transversal activities

 What are transversal training activities?

While the main activity of the doctorate is the research, the doctoral programmes include other training activities that contain both transversal training and specific training in the field of each programme.

To know the obligatory and optional activities recognized for each doctoral programme, its duration or equivalent charge in hours and the minimum number of hours that must be done, the doctoral student must consult the website of the programme (section "Structure", sub-sections "Transversal Activities" and "Specific Activities") and the indications of its Academic Committee and its tutor.

For the case of transversal training activities, every academic year the Doctoral School approves the general offer  and publishes it on its website.

The transversal activities approved are offered in one or more editions, depending on the number of students envisaged, with different dates, profiles and languages. All editions are distance-learning courses (online), last for 15 hours and are taught through the UV Virtual Classroom ( for approximately three weeks.



The registration in the transversal training activities is free and is currently carried out through the computer platform ( of the Permanent Training and Educational Innovation Service (SFPIE) (VERY IMPORTANT access with the UV Student account and password) during the period of application approved by the Doctorate School and announced every academic year on its website.

Prior to enrolment, it is important to consult the offer approved during the academic year and to plan the specific activities and editions of the same ones you wish to take, taking into account the following aspects:

  • Each student can enrol in a single edition of each course (for example, the course with code 50000 “Scientifical Article Writing” has 13 editions; students can register only in one of these editions. If you do not pass the activity with PASS / QUALIFIED, you can not take the activity until the next academic year. 
  • The dates, the working language and, where appropriate, the student profile that is addressed are specified by academic areas in the description of each edition (the “Scientifical Article Writing” course, is distributed in areas of knowledge).


Waiting list:

In the case that there were no vacancies available in any of the editions of a transversal activity in which the student wished to enrol, students can be registered in the edition called "Waiting list" offered in each of these activities. The waiting list will be used in case of vacancies or resignations.

In the section Transversal activities catalogue you can consult the name of the edition assigned, for each activity, to the waiting list, which always has the same name: “Waiting list...” followed by the name of the corresponding transversal doctoral activity. Example: “Waiting list for Scientifical Article Writing”

VERY IMPORTANT: It is necessary to keep in mind that it is not possible to sign up for the waiting list for an activity if the doctoral student has previously enroled in an edition of this activity.

Once the enrolment period has finished, the Doctorate School will evaluate waiting list requests, prioritizing doctoral students who are in the last years of their doctorate, whom will try to locate in the requested transversal activities, as long as they are required by their doctoral programme and necessary to complete their training.

The management of the waiting lists will be done exclusively through the waiting list groups, which can not be managed through the email.


Period of registration of the academic year 2022/2023

The registration period for the transversal training activities of the 2021/2022 academic year will be open from 10:00 a.m. on December 2 until 2:00 p.m. on December 16, 2022


Registration Guide:

In the following document you can find the help guide for enrolment in transversal training activities:

>> Guide to registration in transversal training activities (pdf)

It is important to remember that the way to access to doctoral courses will always be «Access for staff with username and password of active mail of the Universitat de València». The user and password to be used are the ones provided during the first enrolment process, that is, the user with whom the students access their e-mail account of the Universitat, for example «»


Pass and accreditation

The passing of the transversal activities will be determined by the teaching staff in accordance with the specific criteria that this will communicate to the students at the beginning of each edition.

If you need to make any inquires during the academic year, you should contact the Doctoral School (

Once the totality of the courses offered in each academic year has been completed, at the beginning of august the information will be transferred to the file of the Doctorate School. Until that moment the information will not be updated in the student's file.



Transverse Activities

Transverse activities for the academic year 2022/2023

It is very important that each student selects the courses in which he or she must enroll by consulting the required and/or accepted activities in his or her doctoral program and available on the website of each doctoral program or in the following general list:

>> List of activities recognised by each doctoral programme (pdf)


Code SFPIE code Name Language
      Catalan Spanish English
50000 1905 Draft of scientific articles 2 9 2
50001 1898 Citations and impact: evaluation of research activity in health science 1 5 1
50002 1906 Refworks 2.0 for the management of bibliography in sciences and health sciences per a la gestió de la bibliografia en ciències i ciències de la salut  2 2 1
50003 1899 Calls for research grants 1 2 1
50017 1900 Abilities of expression and oral argumentation 2 5 1
50019 1901 The open movement in science and research   1  
50020 1902 Citations and impact: evaluation of research activity in the humanities and social sciences 1 4 1
50021 1907 Refworks 2.0 for the management of personal bibliography in humanities and social sciences 1 3 1
50022 1903 Evaluation of research activity and open scientific publication 2 2  
50023 1904 Transfer or research results  2 2 1
50024 2119 Strategies for employability. Curriculum analysis and selection processes   1  
50386 2380 Gender analysis in research   1  
50455 3128

Ethics of Scientific Research

50456 3130 Intellectual and industrial property   1  
50458 3132 Methodology of scientific research   2  
50459 3134 Design and Evaluation of the Efficiency of Interventions   1  
50460 3136 Selection, realization and interpretation of basic statistical techniques in research   3  
50461 3138 Critical analysis of scientific information   3  






Academic year 2022/2023

New registration deadline: from 10:00 a.m. on 5 December to 2:00 p.m. on 16 December, 2022.

The registration period for the transversal training activities for the academic year 2022/2023 will be open from 5 December at 10:00 am to 16 December at 14:00 pm

Before enrolling, it is important to consult the information and instructions of the Doctoral School.



The teaching staff will determine whether the transversal activities will be carried out in accordance with the specific criteria that will be communicated to the doctoral candidate at the beginning of each edition.

The teaching staff will inform the student of his/her academic grade, which may be PASS or FAIL. If the student needs to make any verification during the academic year, he/she should contact the doctoral school.

After end of the academic year, during the month of July-september, the information will be transferred to the Doctoral School's file.