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Roman anchor stock discovered only a few metres of the coast of Cullera

Cepa romana

A group of deep sea fishing enthusiasts have discovered a Roman anchor stock located in the north coast of Cullera, approximately 26 metres deep. The flotsam, that has more than 2.000 years and a great archeological value will be extractec from the water the following friday 27th of May.

23 may 2016

The finding  was conducted by Delfín de Cullera Diving Club members, who found the anchor stock on the 25th Agost 2015 while diving alongside El Bosquil beaches, in the north part of Cullera.  The discovery had not been informed until this moment because the first objective was to set the security measures for its extraction without giving details to avoid possible plundering.

Despite making no statements, the discovery was brought to the Spanish military police, the Archaeology and History Museum of Cullera and the Underwater Archaeology Centre of Generalitat. Given the scale of this event, the 25th of September of the same year, a local technician, assisted by experts belonging to the Underwater Archaeology Centre, carried out an observation immersion in the place where the flotsam was discovered. The technician was also accompanied by Delfín Diving Club members, the protagonists involved in the discovery. The observation conducted enabled to established, truthfully, the localisation of the anchor stock, determining the exact coordinates of the location. He also took several photographs and recorded a video that subsequenty led to a more complet identification and an estimated first dating.

As confirmed by different sources from Archaeology and History Museum of Cullera, the discovery is a lead anchor stock from the roman period. Although it is not possible at the present to guarantee and specify in detail until experts carry out a more exhaustive study, which is an easy task given that the state of conservation is quite good. It is for this reason that final dating will also be established by scientific procedures, but first estimates of technicians suggests that it could be from the I and II century.

The anchor stock is located at 26 metres deep in a rocky area one km from the coast of Cullera, in the right margin of Jucar river mouth, alongside Bosquil beaches. Exact geographical coordinates are: 39º 06. 370' north, y 00º 06. 989' west.  The underwater work was complemented by survey on 500 meters perimeter to this exact point. No more other archaeological objects were found, fact that allo us to discard the existance of other flotsam related to the anchor stock.

Anchor stock extraction will begin at 9.30h the 27th of this month and it will continue along five hours approximately. In this activity will participate the municipal archeologist, Enrique Gandía together with members of the Underwater Archaeology Department of Generalitat, members of Underwater Activities Special Group of Spanish Military Policy and Delfín Club divers. The extraction work will be carried out with the help of special balloons that can lift loads up to a ton.



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