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  • Online videos to promote science

    18 july 2017

    Audiovisual language is being more demanded online. Platforms where videos are uploaded on the Internet are the order of the day that is why choosing a video as the format to reach a large audience is an excellent strategy of dissemination. This is also applied to science dissemination online. Check it out!

  • Tips for the filming of your first audiovisual product

    6 june 2017

    If you are a passionate for the audiovisual world, sure you have felt many times curiosity of filming your own product. But the first project (documentary, short film...) always arises some doubts. We give you some practical advice to help your first experience being satisfactory.

  • Master’s Degree professional opportunities

    14 january 2016

    The official Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats trains its students for the new audiovisual profiles arisen as a consequence of the digitisation of the audiovisual industry. This posts describes one of the most relevant professional profiles in the new audiovisual paradigm, the transmedia professional.

  • Cinema for all with Whatscine and Cine Accesible

    7 january 2016

    Whatscine and Cine Accesible are two initiatives developed both by private institutions and Spanish universities who promote equality in cultural access.

  • Watch cinema as you had never seen it before, or had you?

    18 december 2015

    Tarantino takes up the 70mm film format for the projection of his new western, ‘The hateful eight’. The Ultra Panavision was a type of negative which ceased to be used in the 60 in films like ‘Ben Hur’.

  • Finance your project with state aids

    10 december 2015

    The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, through the Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute, calls every year aids for the financing of short and feature films. Here there are some of them.

  • the TVMorfosis meeting comes to Europe for the first time

    Spanish audiovisual congresses map

    4 december 2015

    The Universitat de València and the Official Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Contents and Formats organize every year the CONTD in Contents for Digital Television, which put students and professionals of the sector in contact.

  • we essentially consume sports, cinema and television.

    Some thoughts on European television consumption

    2 december 2015

    The European Committee’s Green Paper offers data on the type of television consumption of Europeans as well as on the state of the audio-visual sector within the European Union

  • How to write a script in 7 steps

    30 november 2015

    Rewrite and rewrite, sell your idea in 30 words, think about an appealing start for your work and find the inspiration around you. These are a few recommendations in order to write an script in 7 steps.