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Bye bye Canal +, hello #0

Last 1 February, Movistar + made official the reconversion of Canal + in a new pay-TV channels broadcast by satellite,  #0. The television platform will maintain other channels such as Canal + Series and Canal + Dcine,

5 february 2016

In 2016, Canal + puts an end to 26 years of uninterrupted broadcasting and gives wat the Canal #0, channel offering original and exclusive content.  For this new television adventure, Movistar + bets for renowned signing and its own formats. Buenafuente, Berto Romero, Jon Sistiaga, Raquel Sánchez Silva, Eva Hache e Iñaki Gabilondo will composed the luxurious staff of this new channel.

Regarding the new contents, #0 presents Moviestar Arena, Likes, Diario Vice and Late Motive. Motive Arena is a sports news programme presented by Joseba Larrañaga and Dani Garrido. Raquel Sánchez Silva will be in charge of the magazine Likes. The reports will arrive to #0 through Diario Vice, presented by Dani Campos. Comedy will also be important thanks to Late Motive, which will be hosted by Buenafuente in the prime time hours. The programming will be completed with Tabu, a docureality starred by ex-policemen and researchers, a Spanish adaptation of the British talent show entitled The Naked Choir. In it, Jon Sistiaga tackles topics which are not so visible in common media; and Guardianes de la historia (Guardians of History) will bring us closer to the main World Heritage Monuments thanks to Nira Juanco (journalist) Juan Luís Arsuaga (palaeontologist),   and Santiago Zannou (film director).

Movistar + will still bet for the emission of live sports events such as the Super Bowl, a weekly game of Premier League (Sunday at 17:00), a weekly NBA game each Friday night and Formula One. #0 will also inherit classics from Canal+ such as  Informe Robinson, El día después, Generación NBA y Fiebre Maldini.

Chronicle of a television death

September 2001. Gran Vía, Vía Digital’s Premium channel, takes over all cinema, sports, and bullfighting rights which cease to be broadcasted by Canal +

November 2005. Prisa transferees Canal +’s license to Cuatro. The contents of pay-TV can only be accessed through the satellite.

December 2005. Canal Satélite Digital adopts the brand Canal +, which gets divided into several sub-brands depending on the genre they exploit (Canal + Series, Canal + DCine, Canal + Liga, etc.). This channel multiplicity rises the price of the monthly payment from €18 to around €52.

September 2008. Prisa does an important financial commitment to maintain their leading role in they new “war against football” between Mediapro and Sogecable, which included Canal +.

January 2011. Prisa’s debt is exceeds the €5000 millions and they are forced to sell Cuatro, CNN Plus, Documanía and Viajar to Mediaset and Telefónica, among other channels. The lack of offer has an impact on the demand and the income of subscribers, which are drastically reduced.

January 2013. Movistar takes over the pay-TV market thanks to the launching of Fusion packages.

April 2015. Prisa sells Canal + to Telefónica.

July 2015. Moviestar and Canal + become fused and Moviestar+ is born, which keeps television, series and sports shows broadcasted by Canal +. Additionally, it adds other thematic channels such as TMC, Fox, Calle 13, History, Discovery and National Geographic.

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Published by: Pablo Martí Prats
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