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What is it?

Programme for intergenerational coexistence for shared housing between old people and university students.  With the participation of the City Hall of Valencia, the Universitat de València and the Universitat Politècnica de València. The programme is addressed to people over 60 living alone and  who can care for themselves and to young university students, below 35, who are not residents of the city and cannot afford an alternative housing.


  • To facilitate the coexistence between people of different generations, old people and young students, with the aim of obtaining benefits for both parts through mutual support and solidarity.
  • To promote and facilitate solidary relationships of mutual help between both generations.
  • To experiment alternative measures for facing elderly people’s problems of loneliness.
  • To provide alternative housing for young students.


 Elderly people’s applications can be handed in:

The following and coordination of the programme will be carried out from the OMAM.

Young students’ applications can be done through:

The Information Service and Student’s Promotion (SeDi) of the Universitat de València.
Av. Menéndez y Pelayo , no number (Aulari III) 46010 Valencia.
Phone number: (+34) 963864771 / 963864698

Applications can also be submitted at the SeDi offices of the Tarongers Campus (Aulari Nord) and the Burjassot Campus (Building of the Eduard Boscà Science Library).

Applications, in all cases, both for elderly people and for young students, can be submitted during the whole year, being processed by order of reception.


With the application form applicants must present the following documentation:

  • Copy of the ID or Passport.
  • Copy of the university registration.
  • One photo (passport size).