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All set for the Sciences Employment Forum first edition.

  • UV General Foundation
  • April 16th, 2021
Imagen gráfica del Foro de Empleo del Área de Ciencias.
Imagen gráfica del Foro de Empleo del Área de Ciencias.

The virtual event will be held on 15th April and will bring together the faculties of Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. It will be attended by a wide variety of businesses sectors and professional profiles.

The first Virtual Forum on Science Employment and Entrepreneurship of the University of Valencia will be held on 15 April from 9:30 to 14:30, in collaboration with the faculties of Biological Sciences, Mathematics Science, Physics and Chemistry.

The online meeting will be attended by almost thirty private and public entities and leading figures from the sector who will be the first to hold an event of this kind for the four centres. Specifically, this appointment with the work world will be supported by a wide variety of companies and attended by various professional profiles as speakers.

Different topics affecting the area will be discussed during the day, such as public employment, working abroad, emerging positions and entrepreneurship. The round tables will also feature a programme of talks by qualified speakers, entrepreneurs, company managers and long-standing professionals who will talk about career opportunities in the disciplines pf Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Cybersecurity and Climate Change, among others.

This meeting has the same objective as the other forums organised by UVjob through the Office of the Vice-Principal for Employment and Training Programmes: to promote the employability of future graduates of the centres and to provide job options as a guide for students and graduates of the various faculties.


The forum will begin at 9:30 a.m. with the institutional inauguration by representatives of the centres and the UV. From 10 a.m. onwards, the first round table will take place to discuss ‘Public employment and work abroad’. This section will be presented by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Biology, Mercedes Fernández, who will moderate the interventions of Ana Enguídanos (Europe Direct Comunitat Valenciana representative), Luís Martínez (Biology graduate and Biochemistry trainee lecturer), David Gómez Cabrero (Mathematics graduate Biomedicine area), Susana Planelles (Physics graduate) and David Domíngued (PhD in Chemistry and European Patent Office).

The second block ‘Emerging professions and entrepreneurship’ will start at 11:15 am. It will be led by Manel Perucho, Vice-Dean of the Facutly of Phyisics. The astrophysicist will lead the talks by: Pedro Guillén (Mathematics graduate and referent of the Panda Security company), Mario Rica (Chemistry graduate and Chief Inspector of the Quality section of the Central Unit of Scientific and Technical Research of the General Commissariat of Scientific Police), Sergio Villanueva (Mathematics and Physics graduate, specialist in cybersecurity), Andreu Escrivà (Environmental Sciences graduate, specialist in climate change) and Greta Carmona (Biology graduate and company Imegen).

The event will culminate at 2 pm with the virtual attention rooms of each attending entity and a visit to the job opportunities. Through the chat room, students will be able to directly interact with the institutions and send them any queries, concerns or doubts about their job profiles, employment channels, among other issues. The last activity will be the recognition of companies and networking, an exclusive room for the exchange of ideas between companies.

The UVjob team, organiser of the event through the Office of Vice-Principal for Employement and Training Programmes, will be available throughout the day to offer career advice on the applications of participants before contacting companies; information and resolution of doubts about the operation of the forum; support to make the most of networking; a personalised service of real-time guidance in cases where the need is detected; and information on relevant aspects around the insertion of the candidate.