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Last days to pre-register for UV Master's Degrees for 2024-2025

  • Web and Marketing Unit
  • Cristina Soriano Cabellos
  • June 10th, 2024

Are you looking for more training? Do you want to achieve greater professional expertise and stand out in the labour market? You can acheive all of this by studying one of the UV’s 110 Master's Degree Programmes offered for the next academic year. The application process will be open from 15 February to 14 June until 2pm.

Study your official Master's Degree at the UV

The Universitat de València is the oldest of the Valencian universities and one of the most historic universities in Spain. Founded in 1499, the UV combines history and modernity, culture and innovation, teaching, research and knowledge transfer. Currently, the UV offers more degree programmes than any other university in the Valencian Community, and is a leader in innovation and hosting Erasmus students.

The UV offers a wide range of official university Master's Degree Programmes to improve your employability and acheive your desired professional status. With 110 master's degrees, from 5 different branches of knowledge, you are sure to find the degree that best suits your goals.

In the branch of Social and Legal Sciences, the UV offers a total of 51 Master's degree programmes,7 in the Architecture and Engineering branch, 14 in the Arts and Humanities branch, 19 in the Science branch, and 19 in the Health Sciences branch. 

The official Master's Degrees of the UV share an eminently practical approach that responds to the needs and demands of companies and institutions. The programmes aim to train forthcoming experts with specific skills that will guarantee that they stand out in the labour market.

The UV launches 5 new Master's Degree Programmes

Master's degrees offered at the UV

The UV reinforces its interdisciplinary offer with 5 new degree programmes that will be offered for the first time in the academic year 2024-2025:

• The Master’s in Digital Society, which offers a deep and nuanced understanding of emerging digital technologies and their transformative impact on contemporary society. For the academic year 2024-2025, 25 new admission places are offered.

• The Master’s in Quantum Technologies, which offers a complete education in this field at both the developmental and advanced user levels. This is an inter-university degree whose pre-registration and enrolment must be completed with the coordinating university UIMP.

•The Master’s Degree in Social Work in Health Care, which goes deeper into the diagnosis of health-related social risk and the promotion of activities that favour social inclusion in all healthcare and professional areas of health centres. 

•The Master’s Degree in Health Chemistry and Biochemistry, which aims to train graduates of chemistry and related degrees to work, particularly research, in the healthcare environment. The pre-registration and enrolment to this interuniversity Master’s Degree can be done at the Universitat de Barcelona, the coordinator of the degree programme.   

•The Inter-University Master's Degree in Environmental Radiation Protection, which offers specialised and multidisciplinary advanced training related to the radiological control of the environment.

Where and when can I pre-register?

Pre-registration for Master's Degrees

The Web and Marketing Unit has launched a web portal for admission to UV Master's Degree Programmes, which provides information about the admission process and includes video tutorials to guide you through the online pre-registration procedure. This site is designed in a landing page format and all information is accessible on the same page through scroll navigation, making it easy to consult the information clearly and simply.

You can pre-register starting Thursday 15 February, and the application period will remain open until 14 June at 14:00. Afterwards, an additional (extraordinario) pre-registration phase will be opened from 22 July to 3 September, during which the vacant places of the Master’s Degree Programmes will be offered. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire the specialised skills provided by the UV’s Master's Degree Programmes, which have become essential in an increasingly demanding and competitive labour market.

•Discover all the Master's Degree Programmes at the UV

•Access all the information on the admission process for official Master's Degree Programmes.