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The recommended applicant’s profile is a graduate in Chemical Engineering who has got the competences described in the third section of the Ministerial Decree that establishes the requirements to verify official university titles linked to the work of industrial technical engineers (Decree CIN/351/2009). He should also have the technical education described in the fifth section of the previously mentioned decree, which refers to the Industrial Chemistry Specific Technology Module. If the applicant was a graduate in any other discipline rather than Chemical Engineering, we will be asked to comply a series of educational requirements to prove that he is competent in the master’s subject. The UV Degree in Chemical Engineering is considered the model degree for accessing the master’s degree. Therefore, we do not recommend students who don’t have training in related scientific/technical disciplines to apply for this master’s degree.

Regarding the language requirements, the applicants are recommended to have a B2 or higher level of English to understand scientific documents. Foreigner students are advised to have a C1 level of Spanish.