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From a social point of view, a chemical engineer is a widely recognised and required professional with a clearly defined curriculum in all countries.

The profession chemical engineer appears recognised within the resolution of 8 October 2009, by the General Secretary of Universities (BOE 187 4 August 2009, Sec. III, page 66699), where the definite professional regulations are defined regarding the Master’s degree certificate and where the directions for the so-called degree are collected.

The University Master’s degree of Chemical engineering by the Universitat de València follows indications in the resolution and structure of a six-month subject structure with a total amount of 90 credits, distributed in 15 credits for the Master’s Thesis, 54 mandatory credits, 9 elective ones and 12 credits for work placements.

The title is assigned to the area of knowledge "Chemical engineering, materials engineering and engineering of the natural environment (RD 822/2021).