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Entry profile

The master’s degree is addressed to licendiados (graduated students from the former Spanish undergraduate degree), university graduated, engineers or specialists and equivalent qualifications.

The master’s degree is the natural continuation of the Degree in Finance and Accounting (F&C) and in Business Management and Administration (ADE) Nevertheless, it can also be interesting for students from other degrees related to social sciences and engineering.

Entry requirements, admission and selection criteria

To entry the master’s degree it is necessary to hold an official Spanish university degree or another issued by a higher education institution within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that allow in the country of issuance for the entry to master’s degree studies. Likewise, graduate students from educational systems outside the EHEA can access to it without needing the accreditation of their qualification, after verification by the University of Valencia that certifies an equivalent level of training to the official Spanish qualification and which confers in the issuance country of the degree the access to postgraduate studies. The entry through this way does not imply, in any case, neither the validation of the qualification accredited by the applicant, nor its recognition for purposes different than taking the master’s degree.

Admission Criteria

The body in charge of completing the admission will be the Academic Coordinating Committee (CCA) of the master’s degree, whose composition can be checked in the website of the master’s degree.

The admission process is personalised, taking into account the curriculum of the applicant according to the global parameters established by the current regulation and specific criteria determined by the CCA that will focus on: the qualification with which the applicant entries the master’s degree, the academic record, the training level on issues related to the finance area, languages knowledge and professional activity related to the master’s degree.

The graduated students in Finance and Accounting (F&C) and Business Management and Administration (ADE) or other university qualification similar to the aforementioned will be admitted on a preferential basis. It must also be highlighted that those people who want to enter the master’s degree, whose mother tongue is not Spanish, must prove a level of language that allow to follow the lessons without problems.