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Hasbro: a career opportunity to graduates of the Master's Degree in Corporate Finance

Madalina Jianu, Nelo Sogo i Carla Parra Pons

Graduates of the Master's Degree in Corporate Finance from the Universitat de València have a profile sought after by international companies. Students have the opportunity to do their internships in multinational companies such as Hasbro, where they apply the knowledge they have learned during the course of the master's degree.

1 january 2020

Nelo Sogo, Vice President of Finance at Hasbro says:

"Hasbro is a global gaming and entertainment company. Our commitment is to create "the World Best Play Experiences", the best possible gaming experiences. From toys and games to television, movies, digital games and consumer products, Hasbro offers different possibilities to enjoy with our most important brands, such as LITTLEST PET SHOP, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, MONOPOLY, MY LITTLE PONY, NERF, PLAY-DOH, TRANSFORMERS, BABY ALIVE, and with our associated brands.

We know that the strength of our company is based on the talent of our employees. We are committed to young people with the possibility of developing in an increasingly global world. The Master's Degree in Corporate Finance from the Universitat de València has given us three students who have adapted very quickly to the way we work.  They are very well prepared and passionate about everything they do. Carla is working as a Financial Analyst for Hasbro Iberia and Mada is dedicated to the Greek market and we are confident that the relationship will continue in the future!"

Opinions of graduates who work for this company: Madalina Jianu y Carla Parra Pons