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Project’s title: Implication of the dopaminergic, serotonin and cannabinoid system in the restoration (relapse) of the place preference conditioning (CPL) induced by MDMA
Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation
Reference: PSI2008-00101/PSIC

Project’s title: Adolescence and vulnerability in the drug abuse: monoamines and the search for new experiences
Fundingentity: Valencian Government. Valencaian Department for Education, Directorate General for Science Policy. Prometeo Programme (I+D) for research groups of excellence.
Reference: PROMETEO/2009/072

Project’s title: Social stress effect in the place preference conditioning (CPL) induced by cocaine and MDMA (extasis). Dopamine and glutamatergic system implantation
Financialentity: Ministry of Science and Innovation. R&I&I Project
Reference: PSI2011-24762

Project’s title: Active disorders network
Financial entity: Ministry for Economy and Finance Instituto de Salud Carlos III (RETICS)
Reference: RD006/001/0016